Can CBD Help with Joint Pain and Inflammation?

Joint pain and Inflammation can have numerous potential causes, from minor injuries to chronic health concerns.  Although there are numerous over-the counter and prescription medications designed to alleviate pain and inflammation, many people are concerned about the potential health risks associated with long-term use. That may be why so many people are turning to the pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory potential of CBD, a safe, natural hemp-derived product.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of more than 100 potentially beneficial cannabinoids found in cannabis. While there are two potential sources, only one causes intoxication. Most of the CBD available to consumers is extracted from industrial hemp, a cannabis plant that does not produce enough THC to cause intoxication, even if you were to consume an enormous amount of full-spectrum hemp extract.

Research shows that CBD has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Although most of the evidence verifying the therapeutic potential of CBD is based on animal studies, user testimonials, and pre-clinical trials, preliminary investigations show that this plant element can be as effective as many over-the-counter and prescription medications for treating pain and inflammation.

How Does CBD Work for Pain and Inflammation?

CBD works by mimicking the effects of two important cannabinoids made in your body, anandamide and 2-Ag (2-Arachidonoylglycerol). These essential neurotransmitters function as the messengers of your endocannabinoid system (ECS). The messengers of this system relay urgent messages to your ECS receptors to keep essential processes, everything from pain perception to cognitive function, working efficiently.

Although each of these internally synthesized cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) regulates numerous functions throughout your body, anandamide is directly responsible for pain perception, while 2-Ag influences inflammation and immune system responses. Illness, injury and other environmental factors can create a demand for ECS messengers that exceeds the supply. CBD increases the production of anandamide and blocks the enzymes that break it down. Research shows that the more anandamide in your system, the less pain you will feel.

Evidence Supporting the Use of CBD for Joint Pain and Inflammation

Arthritis is one of the leading causes of joint pain and inflammation. Whether caused by autoimmune dysfunction (rheumatoid arthritis) or joint wear and tear(osteoarthritis), the pain and stiffness of this chronic health condition can cause loss of mobility and significant disability.

Although it's easy to find numerous testimonials from people who claim significant benefit using CBD for arthritis symptoms, it may be helpful to know that these claims are backed by a considerable amount of research. Consider the following examples: 

  • In animal studies, CBD was shown to effectively reduce joint inflammation and alleviate pain in animal models of the disease. Researchers concluded that CBD also slowed the progression of joint damage and could even protect arthritic joints from nerve damage.
  • A survey conducted by The Arthritis Foundation confirms that many people living with arthritis experience significant relief using hemp-derived CBD products. Although the organization addresses CBD use on its site, The Arthritis Foundation urges readers to consult their physicians before investing in CBD products. CBD can interact with several medications and may not be right for everyone.
  • Arthritis is not the sole cause of joint pain and inflammation. Current research suggests that the analgesic, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory properties could also be beneficial for chronic back pain, fibromyalgia syndrome, degenerative disc disease, post-workout recovery, and more.

Selecting the Best CBD Products for Joint Pain and Inflammation

If you're interested in the therapeutic potential of CBD for joint pain and inflammation, it's important to know that the quality of the CBD you select can have a considerable impact on your CBD experience. Unfortunately, the market is saturated with inferior products.

Many companies are selling CBD products containing far less cannabidiol than claimed in product descriptions. Some misrepresented products contain no CBD at all.  That's why it's important to select high-quality products from a reputable source.

Sunny Grove CBD is crafted from organically grown, non-GMO industrial hemp. You can verify the purity, potency, and quality of Sunny Grove full-spectrum and CBD isolate tinctures, CBD infused honey, pre-rolls, and CBD pet products by viewing the third-party Certificate of Analysis on our website.  

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